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We are delighted to share our Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery testimonials.

All the testimonials are from our previous patients that want to share their cosmetic surgery experience.


Vaser Liposuction Patient London

I decided to have Vaser liposuction of the love handles and back, in February with Harley Street Cosmetic surgery partners in London… before I found Jules on the net I was beginning to give up on the idea of vaser liposuction surgery, no other company gave me the confidence and reassurance to go ahead with the procedure that I very much needed. Upon speaking to Jules she put me at ease as she explained that Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners had a number of different surgeons and would recommend the best surgeon for the job for the best price and she did! I felt very confident and comfortable when I came to the actual procedure which went very well indeed…the Vaser Liposuction Surgeon was very thorough, both the Surgeon and the team constantly checked that I was ok and happy with everything so I never felt alone. After the procedure I was sore for a few days but was able to return back to work the following week and I was amazed that I was able to walk around and do my shopping 5 days later! I would highly recommend Harley St Cosmetic Surgery who were always there when I had queries or concerns and after my procedure the team showed interest in checking my results and overseeing how happy I was with the results, which might I add… I am very happy with. just two months later I am receiving multiple compliments from friends, family and the opposite sex… not only do I look and feel much slimmer, my clothes fit differently and I have a whole new silhouette which is much more in proportion… now all that left for me to do is to go shopping!!!




Facelift with Harley Street Cosmetic…‎‎

I approached Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners and found them to be extremely helpful, informative and reassuring. I had my consultation and surgery in London. I am absolutely delighted with my facelift surgery. I cannot believe the difference and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Trish B  April 2010


Dear Jules, I wanted to write to you to thank you and the team at harley street cosmetic surgery for everything you have done for me. I am really happy with my new shape and I am delighted with the service that you provided. I can highly recommend you and the team to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery.

Amanda D.January 2010

I called Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners having looked at their website. I liked their clear, factual approach to cosmetic procedures, there was a ton of information, and the site was well laid out and easy to navigate. As I’m new to all this, I decided to ring for some advice, and spoke to Jules. She is friendly, very professional, knows the industry inside-out and answered every one of my many questions with great patience and good humour, despite the fact that she probably hears them every day. She made some recommendations based on her experience and knowledge, which I followed, and all I can say is that I’m delighted with the results. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners again.

Carol 15/01/2010

After an awful experience with Restalyne under my eyes from another cosmetics surgery, I was very nervous to have another procedure carried out. But I wanted to rectify the awful job that was done under my eyes. I was advised by telephone by a consultant from Harley Street cosmetic surgery partners of my options. I was advised of Radio Frequency. The consulatant I spoke to was very helpful, made a lot of time to discuss with me my worries and fears and talked me over everything and made me feel that I was not just another client but someone who generally cared that I would get good results. When I arrived to have this treatment I was assured of a pain free treatment that would work. I am pleased to say my treatment was a huge success and I am very happy with the results. I will be going back for another treatment very shortly.

Hayley Carr - 3rd Jan 2010

I had pinnaplasty August 2009, and Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners was recommended by a friend . Immediately I was booked in for a free consultation, where i was talked through the procedure and costing, and was given immediate dates that would suit me. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and aftercare procedures and would truly recommend the team to anyone

Natalie O Donovan 16th  Sep 2009

when I contacted Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners, immediatley I was made to feel at ease and the information was much more informative than any other company. I spoke to Jules who has been there for me from start to finish. I am really happy with the result and would recommend them to anyone.

Mrs C Hutton 14th July 2009

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