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Right on the Nose!

Q&A Rhinoplasty Surgeons London

Patients Question: I live in London and need some help and advice on Rhinoplasty Surgeons but don’t know who to pick? I have disliked my nose for years  and I am thinking of getting a ‘Nose Job’.

Answer  from the Team: ‘Picking your nose’ surgeon for Rhinoplasty Surgery is the most important part of the decision before going ahead with a ‘Nose Job‘.  We help you ‘Pick your nose surgeon’ by giving unbiased information on the surgeons as well as arranging consultations.


Compression Garments

Q&A Vaser  Liposuction

Patients Question: Will I need to wear a compression garment after Vaser Liposuction and why?
Cosmetic Surgeons Answer: Yes, Vaser Liposuction compression garments are an essential part of the healing process and helps speed up the recovery, by encouraging the drainage of fluid, it helps to reduce and minimize swelling and improves circulation, bruising  as well as providing additional support to the area where the fat has been removed the pressure of the garment holds the skin tightly to the body.


Q&A Cost of Vaser Liposuction

Patients Question: What`s included in the price for the new Vaser Liposelection?
Member of the team Answer: The package for Vaser Lipo includes pre and post operative consultations and follow up appointments with the surgeon, any medication given to take home directly after the procedure, compression garment and 5 sessions of lymphatic drainage massage. Discounts in London are  given for multiple areas of Vaser Liposuction.


Q&A Rhinoplasty Surgeons London

Dear Jules, Can you recommend any of your surgeons, this is for a second nose operation, I had my first nose job two years ago and I am still not happy with the look of my nose.

Our surgeons are some of the best surgeons in the world and are known in the UK as some of the top RhinoplastySurgeons. 3D Rhinoplasty Imaging is standard at our clinic and done at consultation on Harley Street.

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