Endotine Brow & Mid Face Lift

Surgery for The Face / Endotine Transblepharoplasty Browlift

  • What is a Trans-Belepharoplasty Brow Lift
    As we age, the attachments of the skin and muscles of our scalp descend and begin to fall into the upper eyelids.
  • Less invasive than traditional direct browlift’s.
    Transblepharoplasty browlift is often combined with a blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and fat in the eyelids.

The convenience of combining the browlift and blepharoplasty procedures achieves the goals of repositioning the brow to correct frown lines and sagging skin and removing excess eyelid fat and skin in one surgery.
The brow is elevated through a single upper eyelid crease incision and held in place with a suture or a surgical cleat (Endotine), which is anchored directly to the brow. Transblepharoplasty browlift’s can be performed under local anaesthetic.

  • Can I combine Transblepharoplasty browlift surgery with other procedures?
    Yes we offer several procedures for combining Transblepharoplasty browlift surgery, including the Endotine Mid Face Lift.

The area between your lower eyelids and your mouth is considered the MIDFACE. As you age, the effects of gravity, repeated muscle contraction, and lifestyle cause the skin, fat and muscle in this region to move downwards. When this occurs, the cheeks begin to look saggy or flat, lower eyelids can become puffy or hollow, circles begin to appear under the eyes, and the lines between the nose and the corner of the mouth deepen


Mid face lift restores the natural curves fullness in the cheeks by moving soft tissues back to where they were earlier. This is achieved by elevating the soft midface tissue repositioning it upward towards the eyes; this restores cheek volume and establishes more youthful midface contours. The result is natural with a revitalized appearance.

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