4 Growing Trends of Plastic Surgery in 2018

4 Growing Trends of Plastic Surgery in 2018

Plastic surgery is turning to a trend in 2018. Many surgeons are facing an unexpected surgical outbreak in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. The growing trend of this plastic surgery is to change the natural looks or to cover a mole or a scar.

Plastic Surgery

Although nowadays the surgical procedures are focused on changing the natural look of the face, lip surgery for example. But, according to a survey by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), it is predicted that many non-lip related surgeries will have the whole attention in 2018. Moreover, the demand for plastic surgeries has grown over 132 percent in the past 16 years. These numbers suggest the growth of more trending surgical procedures in the coming times.

But what categories of plastic surgeries are trending in 2018? Here is a brief look at those categories:

Facial surgeries: Out of five top plastic surgery trends three plastic surgeries are related to face according to leading sources and news. Facial surgery is prominent because of the changes that can easily be noted by the spectators. This gets the facial surgeries the boost that it needs in the market.

Body fat surgeries: The body fat related surgeries are getting more attention alongside facial surgeries. The body fat has been a severe problem for many individuals and body fat related surgeries are an effective option for such problem. Therefore people opt for body surgeries.

Upper body surgeries: The upper body surgeries are mostly preferred by women. The surgeries that are included in this category are Breast reduction and enlargement procedures. Procedures like Laser bra lift surgery are prominent in this category because of its modern and sophisticated approach.

There are other many surgical procedures that are also gaining prominence in 2018. And here are a few plastic surgery procedures that are trending in 2018 related to the above-given category.


Rhinoplasty has been around a lot and it is still a popular procedure for a nose job. The reason Rhinoplasty is still trending is that of its reliability, guarantee, and safety that this process offers. The nose is a part that is the focal point of the face and it defines the symmetry of the face. Therefore changing the way your nose looks can change the way that your face looks.


Facelifts, also known as rhytidectomy procedure correct the sagging facial lines. The needs of people to look good and live longer are accepting this procedure. The fact cannot be more stressed to select a surgeon who is also a board-certified plastic surgeon. There are many certified surgeons that perform the procedure of Plastic Surgery in London that is renowned all over the world where you can have your surgery done without any concern. Facelifts are also helpful in facial rejuvenation and bring out the youth in an individual.


There are several fillers to plum out cheeks and lips, each having a different texture. The filler is now available for eyes too to restore the volume that is lost during the aging process. The patient will require a well-experienced injector that will be able to perform the procedure without any hassle. The process is sophisticated and well adapted by many people around the world.

Breast augmentation

This procedure represents over 16 % of all surgical procedure all over the world in 2016. It doesn’t come as a surprise when you hear that it is trending in 2018. There are two purposes for this procedure that is breast reduction and breast enlargement. Material like silicon is the most prominently used material for this procedure along with saline implants.

Even men are opting for facial surgery nowadays in some cases to maintain their youth or to make a mole or a scar go away. The above-given procedures are some of the procedures that are gaining prominence in the field of plastic surgery in 2018. Technology is advancing day by day and there can be many other advanced procedures that can be introduced in the coming times.

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