Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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A trendy procedure right now, The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners most popular.


Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, have impressive figures with an even more impassive derrière. Surgical options for obtaining a superb physique have rapidly developed recently. We no longer rely on Buttock Implants to get that desired Buttock shape.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a Fat transfer to the Buttocks that enhances curves, in addition, obtaining a fuller, plumper, rounder and lifted bum – boosting the appearance of the buttocks. The benefits also extend to a sculpted tummy, waistline and thighs which also highlights: the S-shape curves of the body.


The Brazilian Butt lift is a Cosmetic Procedure, which utilizes your own natural fat from other areas in the body, such as thighs, tummy, waistline or other fatty areas like the chin, face and lower back. Fat that is collected then is transferred to the buttocks where it is professionally sculpted into the superb physique you crave. This procedure is a combination of liposuction and buttock augmentation lift, but unlike a Butt Lift it doesn’t use anything unnatural such as Silicone or Gel Fillers which can be harmful to your body and carry risks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The procedure is carried out in one of London’s renowned top Harley Street hospitals and performed under general anaesthetic under the expert eye of one of our Surgeons who specialize in a Brazilian Butt Lift and has the Highest Qualifications in the UK. The Brazilian Butt Lift takes from 3 to 4 of hours in surgery. A Supportive Garment will need to be worn for 4 weeks after the procedure as well needing to avoid strenuous activities. We will conduct regular post-operative appointments after the procedure to check on your wellbeing and provide guidance throughout the recovery period.

Initial Consultation

You will first meet and sit down with the surgeon who will will talk in-depth about the Brazilian Butt lift and your goals, expected outcome and desired look for the procedure. A full examination by the surgeon will then carried out to determine if you are suitable for a Brazilian Butt Lift. A Medical questionnaire and medical history are discussed including current medications and conditions. Results, risks are also discussed at the thorough conversation with the surgeon. Before and after photos are available to see at the point in time. We understand Brazilian butt lift surgery, isn’t for everyone, however if you are the right candidate you can experience phenomenal results.


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