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Breast Lift… Also known as Mastopexy is a surgery to the breasts that can play a major role in improving personal confidence, although the actual size of breasts is mostly genetically determined, breasts may fluctuate in size due to changes in weight, pregnancy and breast feeding.


With age can cause the shape of the breast to change so that they may sag and become droopy. This effect is greater following pregnancy, breast feeding and in particular after a large weight loss.


Many women have one breast that is slightly different from the other. Sometimes the passage of time may accentuate this difference further.


Have your breasts lost their firmness due to weight loss or pregnancy? Are your breasts sagging due to age, gravity? Are you unhappy with the shape of your breasts? Have you lost the firmness of your breasts?

The areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple) can also be reduced in size and repositioned to give a more uplifted look to the breasts.


The expert surgeons can perform breast augmentation procedure with utmost care hence reducing the chances of risks at Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London, UK.

  • Who can benefit?
    Women who have had children, breast fed, lost a lot of weight or have naturally drooping breasts can benefit from breast uplift surgery.

If you are unsure, call us on 0845 3011 510 or use our online form to discuss your requirements we can send you some information or arrange a consultation for Breast Lift Surgery in London with one of our Breast Uplift Surgeons.

  • How is it done?
    During the breast lift operation, excess skin from around the area of dark tissue surrounding the nipple and sometimes from under your breasts is taken. This creates a tighter shape of breast tissue and your nipple is moved to a higher position to give a more youthful and firm appearance.Breast uplift patients are normally a one night stay in hospital.
  • What results can I expect?
    You can expect firmer breasts that have sit upright and do not sag. The nipple will sit higher on the breast, giving a more youthful appearance. Dependant on whether you have combined breast augmentation with breast uplift, you may also have larger breasts. What breast lift surgery cannot do is make small breasts bigger or reduce large breasts.
  • How long is the recovery?
    You will need to wear a good support bra in the weeks following your operation and to aid your recovery, It is also important that you avoid any strenuous activity for the first four weeks and you should allow yourself up to eight weeks to recover fully, your surgeon will fully advise you at consultation.
  • Are there risks? 
    Our Surgeons are extremely experienced MBBS MSc FRCS Ed FRCS (Plast)  and have performed many operations, However, as with all operations, there are some risks associated with all surgery. But in the end it depends on the choice of your plastic surgery clinic. Harley street plastic surgery can be the perfect option for your breast uplift procedure in London, UK. You can talk through these with your surgeon and ask all the question`s that they look forward to answering at consultation.
  • Can I combine breast uplift surgery with other procedures? 
    Yes you can combine breast augmentation with breast uplift surgery, this can give a fuller, firmer effect. Breast uplift surgery is popular with women who have had children, you may also like to consider a tummy tuck & liposuction.

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