Face & Neck lift

Facial & neck lift cosmetic surgery

Enhancing facial harmony and new self confidence

  • Who can benefit rhytidectomy?
    People who feel that their face looks old or tired, due to sagging, drooping, excessive facial creases, or a slack jaw and neckline, will benefit from facial cosmetic surgery. This procedure is very popular with both men and women. Patients who have undergone other facial surgery such as rhinoplasty, or particularly cosmetic eye lift surgery could benefit from a facelift. (What a facelift cannot do is remove bags under the eyes, repair sun damaged skin or eliminates deep wrinkles. However, we have procedures for correcting these too.) These procedures are done seamlessly in London with minimal risks.
  • How is a facelift done?
    There are different types of facelifts available including the MACS lift. The selection will depend on your specific requirements, which you and the surgeon will discuss to find the best option for you.

Facelift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic where you will be fully unconscious and the excess skin from around your upper face is removed and your facial muscles are tightened.

Skin is then pulled up across the face, trimmed and sewn. The scar will mostly be hidden in your hairline and around the back of your ears to minimize any visible scarring. Some patients may also benefit from simultaneous procedures to improve the effect of the facelift, such as upper and lower eyelid surgery. These procedures are done seamlessly in Harley street cosmetic surgery partners in London with minimal risks.

  • How long will a facelift take & what results can I expect from a facelift?
    As general anaesthetic is required, you may have to stay overnight in hospital Patients who undergo facelift surgery can expect smoother, tauter skin on the face and neck. The appearance of the face will be brighter, fresher and more youthful.
  • How long is the recovery period from a facelift?
    Recovery time is dependent upon the extent of your surgery; on average you will be able to resume normal activities within three to six weeks.
  • Are there any after effects to facelift surgery?
    Bruising and swelling, and puffiness tender. Aside from normal, post-surgery discomfort, you should not experience side effects from a facelift.
  • Can I combine a facelift with other procedures?
    Yes many people who undergo facelift surgery have an overall aim to look younger and more youthful, many patients choose to combine face lift surgery with an eye lift, lipo sculpting on the face. Cheek or chin implants can also give a more youthful appearance to the face.

We offer full range of procedures combining our most popular complimentary facelift procedures.

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