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Lip Augmentation with PermaLip Implants

PermaLip a permanent alternative to filler injections.

PermaLip is contoured to the shape of your lips, and has a smooth surface to minimize tissue in-growth. Although PermaLip is permanent, it is also designed to be easily reversible should a person wish to return to their original lip appearance or desire a different size.

PermaLip is available in a variety of diameters and lengths to accommodate the uniqueness of each persons lip characteristics, your surgeon will guide you fully and determine what PermaLip size is best suited for you.

  • Can the PermaLip implant leak or rupture? 
    No. PermaLip is unique in that it is manufactured from a very soft, but solid, silicone. Expert surgeons can perform this lip enhancement procedure with utmost care hence reducing the chances of risks at Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London, UK.
  • How is Lip augmentation performed with PermaLip implants?
    The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic and takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. After the perioral region and lips have been anaesthetized, the PermaLip implant is then passed into the lip, ensuring proper placement through palpation. The incisions are closed with a single absorbable suture. The process is then repeated on the other lip if both are being augmented and the incisions are closed.
  • Is it painful and are there any side effects?
    Most discomfort, if present, usually resolves after 24-48 hours, although your lips will be sensitive and will experience variable swelling full recovery can take around 6-8 weeks. Your surgeon will discuss everything with you at consultation.
  • What result can I expect?
    The result is a set of Beautiful full lips but in the end it depends on the choice of your plastic surgery clinic. Harley street plastic surgery can be the perfect option for your cosmetic eye surgery in London, UK.

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