All You Need to Know about Fat Transfer to buttocks Procedure

All You Need to Know about Fat Transfer to buttocks Procedure-featured

All You Need to Know about Fat Transfer to buttocks Procedure

Modern medical science has given people the power to change the way they look. People love to be conceived as beautiful and cosmetic procedures help them to do so. There are many cosmetic procedures that are used to enhance the look of an individual that ranges from Rhinoplasty to breast augmentation. One such procedure that is used to enhance the body shape of an individual is fat transfer procedure.

The fat transfer procedure is used to transfer fat to a body part where you need fat to change the way you look. The fat transfer procedure is used for augmenting many body parts of women such as buttocks. The body fat that needs to be transferred is extracted from body parts where unwanted fat is stored such as outer thigh and stomach. Out of all the procedures that use fat transfer, the buttock augmentation procedure also widely known as Brazilian butt lift is trending in countries like UK and USA. The source of inspiration for people to undergo the butt lift procedure is celebrities like Kim Kardashian,Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, etc who may have undergone this procedure.

All You Need to Know about Fat Transfer to buttocks Procedure

What is fat transfer to buttocks?

The fat transfer to buttocks is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to enhance the buttocks by injecting fat into the buttocks. This procedure is also referred to as butt injection surgery. The procedure that is medically approved to transfer fat to buttocks is the Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, the fat is extracted from outer thigh or stomach then injected into the buttocks.

Who can undergo a fat transfer to buttock surgery?

The fat transfer procedure can be done to a patient who is in a good physical health. The patient also must have some excess fat to be able to donate to the transfer procedure. Above all the patient must have realistic expectation out of the procedure so that they don’t disappoint themselves after the surgery is complete. The patient should consider their body fat proportion, body shape, and skin tone before starting to expect a butt like Kim Kardashian. There are clinics who specialise in Cosmetic Surgery in London who carry this procedure out.


The recovery after a standard fat transfer to buttocks procedure such as a Brazilian butt lift takes time. However, it depends on the amount of fat extracted and injected into the buttocks. Normally the patient feels discomfort after the anaesthesia wears off which is controlled by medication suggested by the surgeon. More detailed of recovery is always discussed in full at consultation.

Advantages of fat transfer to buttocks

  • Two birds with one stone, this procedure can help you reduce fat in your tummy area and also enhance your butt look.
  • The results of fat transfer to buttocks are long-lasting if you follow a diet and workout routine recommended by the surgeon.
  •  Since this process is completely organic and doesn’t require any artificial implants,there is almost no maintenance required.
  • The process is less invasive compared to other buttock augmentation procedures through fat transfer.
  • The scars are minimal near the tummy and buttocks which is around a quarter of an inch long that is healed after a short time.
  • A sexy body tone is the result of fat transfer procedure that will make your friends envy your curves.

If you wish to undergo a fat transfer procedure, then you should consult a reputed surgeon and get advice regarding the procedure. There should be no false notion carried around regarding the procedure, rather than you should also consult with a patient who has undergone the procedure which will give you an insight into the benefits of fat transfer procedure.

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