Nose Re-shaping

Rhinoplasty / Nose Reshaping Surgery

Enhancing facial harmony and new self confidence

Nose Reconstruction surgery, Ethnic nose surgery and revision nose operations are medically called Rhinoplasty but some patients refer to it as a ‘Nose Job’. Consultations are with the Rhinoplasty surgeons in the desirable location here in Harley Street London W1.

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgical operation to the nose. Surgery can be performed to correct a bump or hump on the bridge of the nose, the surgery can also correct nasal defects inside the nose, and a surgery can also straighten a crooked or bent nose. People who have broken their nose in an accident or they simply don’t like their natural nose can benefit from the Rhinoplasty surgery. This procedure is done seamlessly at Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery Partners in London.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery is a more complex surgical procedure. The surgeons here in London have extensive experience in Ethnic Rhinoplasty nose procedures. Each patient’s facial features are entirely different and needs a skilled and individualised aesthetic surgical approach.

Revision Rhinoplasty is surgery to the nose that needs a secondary nose job operation. Our Rhinoplasty surgeons are experienced in revision surgery to the nose and welcome patients that have already had a previous unsatisfactory ‘nose job’.

Our extremely skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons are some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the UK, who use photographic imaging in 3D. This process is also known as morphing. Rhinoplasty 3D imaging can be done at consultation in Harley Street or sometimes in a studio which is also in London. After a series of photographs that are taken the surgeon will manipulate the photograph`s which allows the patient to preview their nose should they decide to proceed with surgery. This process is also beneficial to the surgeon in helping the patient understand the goals to achieve a satisfactory and happy end result.

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