Things to consider before getting a Nose Job

Nose Reshaping

Things to consider before getting a Nose Job

Are you happy with the size or the position of your nostrils? Or are you suffering from a nose disfigurement which happened during a trauma or at the time of your birth? Are you thinking to change it by getting a nose job? A nose job, technically known as “rhinoplasty” is a surgical procedure that alters and improves the unwanted shape of your nose and corrects breathing problems and disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects. Getting a nose job is a personal decision for every individual so it can be a tough decision to make, especially because it affects your face permanently. In spite of that, there are many people who are getting a nose job and willing to get a nose job.

Nose Reshaping

Before you make your decision in haste, you also have to consider the consequences and results of a nose job surgery. Given below are some factors that you should consider before getting a nose job.

Do you need a nose job?

The first and the most important thing that you should consider is that you should only undergo a nose surgery if you want it. You should never base this decision on other people’s opinion because you have to live with the altered nose, not other people. So you should ask yourself if you need this surgery and what will be benefits of this surgery. You should also consider the advice of the surgeon and make sure you both are in agreement.

Generally, people undergo nose surgery for the following reason – change in size or angle of the nose, straightening of the nose, reshaping of the tip, narrowing of the nostrils, correcting a nose deformation resulted during a trauma or during the time of birth. Hence, in the end, you should consider these things and ask yourself if you want this surgery.

What happens during surgery?

The most frequently asked question regarding any surgery is this. The reason you should consider this is because you should be prepared for what you are about to undergo. All surgeries have the recovery time and their particular risks. You have to know all these things beforehand of the surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision to access the bones and cartilage that supports the bones. Based on the desired result the bone or the cartilage is removed or any additional tissues may be added. After the rearrangement of the bone or cartilage, the tissue and skin are draped again over the structure of the nose. In the end, a splint is placed outside the nose to support the new shape of the nose as it heals.

Risks of nose surgery

Every surgery carries some risks including bleeding, infection or a bad reaction to the sedatives. Rhinoplasty surgery can increase the risks of asymmetrical nose, scars, breathing difficulties, nosebleeds, numb nose, etc. Many times patients are not satisfied with the surgery at the beginning but you have to know that after a rhinoplasty surgery you have to wait a year to completely heal. The risks of the surgery can be avoided if your surgeon is experienced and always opts for safe surgery options.

How do you want your nose to look like?

If you want a good result at the end of the surgery, you will have to be very clear about the end result. If you want your nose to look small, straight, less bumpy, let the surgeon know about the result you want. Consult with your surgeon and remember one thing that your surgeon is a doctor, not a god. So set some realistic expectation about the surgery.

Healthy enough for the surgery

The best condition for the surgery regarding the patient’s age is around 17 years old because around this age the patient would have reached the skeletal maturity. You can eat healthy food and exercise regularly before the surgery and also avoid smoking and drinking before and after the surgery. Your surgeon may also conduct few tests to ensure that the surgery is safe for you. The surgeon may also have a few question related to your previous health conditions, you can answer them correctly to ensure a safe surgery for you.

Rhinoplasty has a permanent effect so you should consider all the above-given factors before you make your decision for the surgery. But if you want to go with the surgery for your small, long, crooked, or bulbous nose, the Harley street cosmetic surgery partners is your choice who provides the best services for Nose Surgery in London UK. They have guided several patients through the surgery and helped them plan for a safe recovery.

  • albertomichels
    Posted at 08:10h, 03 April Reply

    Do you also provide surgery for men? Like if i want to reshape my nose can you do it???

    • Jules
      Posted at 09:41h, 03 April Reply

      Hello Albert,
      Yes, we do provide nose reshaping surgery for men and women both.

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